1,2,3 Dribble

1,2,3 Dribble - Soccer Dribbling Drill for Kids
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For this soccer drill players will be separated into two sides of cones. There will be three sets of cones in a line in the middle. The first will be 1, the second 2, and the third will be 3. Players will each have a ball. They will start to dribble in the area designated by cones when the coach blows the whistle. When the coach blows the whistle a second time, all the players will dribble through the first set of cones (1). They will then dribble on the opposite side until the coach blows the whistle. Once this happens, they will now all dribble through the second set of cones (2). Lastly, they will dribble until they hear the whistle that indicates that they will dribble through the third set of cones (30). Teach players to keep their head of during this drill since the cones will have high traffic between them, they don’t want to bump into one another.

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