2 v 1 to 5 v 3 to 2 v 2

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On a field split into three zones, the players are 2 v 1 in the defending zone, 3 v 3 plus two in the central zone, and 1 v 2 in the attacking zone. Players in the attacking and defending zones must stay in that zone during play. When the ball is played in from the central zone into the attacking zone, ANY attacker (including the two neutrals) can cross over with the pass to create the 2 v 2.


Coaching Points:

1    Spacing – Expand the space in all of the zones and force the defenders to chase.

2    The Thru Pass – Look for the thru pass when play moves horizontally, either with the dribble orwith a passing combination.

3    Speed of Play – When the defenders chase, move the ball faster than they can recover. Play one and two touch soccer.



Progression 1 – Two attackers cross over into the attacking zone, creating a 3 v 2.

Players Required: 

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