2 v 2, Flying Change to Goal


Players go 2v2 to two goals. When a goal is scored, the neutrals switch with the team that gave up the goal, the attacking team switches direction and retains possession. Suggest two touch limit for neutrals.

Coaching Points:

  • 1st Attacker - look to movements to create imbalance in the defender, when space opens explode quickly and look for opportunities to score. Try to combine with 2nd attacker when available, look for quick movements into open space off of pass, play to back foot.

  • 2nd Attacker - find angles of support (diagonals), create width to drag 2nd defender, look for aggressive 1st touch when space available on receiving the ball

  • 1st Defender - stay goal side, look to shepherd attacker away from goal - on recovery of ball look for immediate opportunity to attack space behind opponent. Try to get 1st attacker's head down on the ball early, take cues from 2nd defender on directional defending

  • 2nd Defender - take cover position to support 1st defender, avoid being flat and allowing 1st defender to get beat. When ball is switched, quickly step to close space. On goal, attacking team quickly try to counter and score again.


  • GK is allowed to shoot from behind the midfield line. 
Players Required: 

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