3 v 3 Plus Two into 3 v 2

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Set Up:

The teams play 3 v 3 plus two in the central zone, with the two neutrals stationed inside of the small flank zones.  The attacking team looks to possess and change the ball from one neutral player over to the other. When the ball is changed, the neutral dribbles into the attacking zone to create a 3 v 2 to goal. Upon completion, the goalkeeper restarts play with a pass into the central zone. Games are played to five points and eight new players rotate into the central zone after each game.  

Coaching Points:

1.  Expanding the Field - Use the entire central zone and force the defenders to chase the ball.

2.  Creating Space - Check away from the ball and create space for the neutral to dribble into.

3.  Finishing – Commit a defender, and then send a player to the end line with a thru pass.


Progression 1 – After the ball has been changed over, ANY attacker can carry the ball across.

Players Required: 

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