3 vs. 3 Transition Game

3 vs. 3 Transition Game
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This is a fun soccer game played inside the 18 box.  It encourages play making, creativity, and ball control.  The game requires two teams of three players and one goalie.  To start, the coach puts a ball into play somewhere in the 18 box.  In order to gain an opportunity to shoot on net the team must make a pass to the coach.  Once a team makes a pass to the coach they become the attackers while the other team defends.  The coach has to give a pass back to the team that passed them the ball.  If the ball goes out of the 18 box the coach plays a new ball into a neutral area in the box. 

  • Variation #1: Play with no off-sides penalty
  • Variation #2: Players must stay onsides when on offense
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


khering0813 on 10/16/2018


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