3 zone, 6 v 3 Keep Away

Set Up:

In either end zone, one team plays keep away from three opposing players as the other three wait in the opposite end zone. The attacking team scores a point for making ten consecutive passes and another point for every five passes after that. When the defenders win the ball, they get a free pass over to the other end zone. Three players from each team follow the pass across to re-form the 6 v 3.

Coaching Points:

1.  Expand the space when attacking and use the entire zone.

2.  Your entire team should play in a one and two touch rhythm.

3.  Switch the field before the defenders take away all of the space.


1.  Play 6 v 2, with a one touch limit. A point is scored by making five consecutive passes.


Goals Required: 
Players Required: 


kkrotzer on 8/3/2018

Good drill

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