3 Zone 6 vs. 3 Keep Away game

3 Zone 6 vs. 3 Keep Away game
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This is a great conditioning game because it forces players to work hard but they are involved in a game and therefore not thinking about how much this conditioning drill stinks.  Divide up your area into three zones.  A good field size is a about 60 long and 40 yards wide.  The middle zone is the neutral zone and is there just to give players extra distance to run when there is a turnover.  Each team has six players and the play starts in one of the teams offensive zones.  The team on offense has all six of their players in the zone when they are on offense. The defensive team has three players in their defensive zone.  The defense must create a turnover and pass the ball back to their offensive zone.  The team that was on offense now sends three of their players into the other team's offensive zone to try and create a turnover and send the ball back to their offensive zone.  3 to 4 sets of 10 minute sessions is a great way to condition your team yet keep it fun.

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kkrotzer on 8/3/2018

Good drill

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