4 Goal, 2 v 2 w/Support Player

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4 Target Goals

10 Players: Two teams of 4 with two neutrals

Size of Area depends on age and ability. Smaller the area, the higher the tempo can be.

Coach feeds ball into pitch. Team that gains possession attacks 2 v 2, looking to get a pass into the neutral player on the end line for a set back and finish. Simulates the game scenario of a midfielder playing into the striker to get the ball back and break the defensive line.

Teaching Topics: Quality of the passing and shooting, Angles and distance of support, Movement off the ball, Creativity, Communication.

Coaching Points:

1.   Look for blind side runs when the ball is played in behind the defender.

2.   Use takeovers and overlaps in the midfield to create space and maintain possession.

3.   Maintain possession until a good chance to play the ball forward arises.

Players Required: 

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