4 Goal Game

4 Goal Game - Game for Soccer Goalies
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  • Make field and place two 4 yard goals at each corner. Each goal will have a goalkeeper.
  • Play 5v5, with two goalkeepers from each team in the goals. 3v3 on field.
  • Each goal counts as 1pt.
  • Normal soccer rules, except no corners. Use goalkicks instead of corners.
  • Can use the goalkeepers on own team to play backwards and help keep possession.

Coaching Points

  • Stress the techniques of the different catches. Get excited when you see proper technique!
  • Encourage communication. Can the GKs give direction to the defenders on the field? Do they yell ‘KEEPER!’ when they are collecting?
  • Distribution. Can the keeper distribute quick? When should they play to a teammate’s feet vs. playing the ball into space for them to run on to? Make decisions based on the placement of teammates and the opposing team.


Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
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Seraphimram55 on 6/10/2018

great game or warm up

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