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This is a soccer drill that will challenge players to get their head up and find the open player.  It helps players work on supporting the ball carrier by running to open space to get open for their teammate.  Set up a playing field about 25 yards by 25 yards.  Depending on the number and skill level of your players you can play 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4.  The attacking team starts with the ball and all 4 players in the playing area.  The defending team starts with 1 player in the playing field.  On the whistle the attacking team starts passing the ball in a game of keep away from the 1 defender.  After 5 consecutive passes, another defender is allowed to enter the playing area.  The game continues until the defending team creates a turnover, then the teams switch roles and start the game over.

Goals Required: 
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