4 vs. 4 Plus 2

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  • Create a 25x25 yard grid (depending on numbers/ability). Play 4v4 with 2 players as neutral.
  • The neutral players are always on the team with the ball creating a 6v4 game at all times.
  • Team gets a point for every four successful passes they complete without losing the ball.
  • If ball goes out of bounds, pass count restarts from zero.
  • Can progress to a two touch restriction depending on the ability of players.
  • Play for 3 minutes, and restart game changing the neutrals.

Coaching Points:

  • As soon as the ball is won, players off the ball need to get bigger on the field, and look around to find where open space is.The more space you can receive the ball in, the more time you will have to make a decision on what to do with it once you receive it.
  • Look over your shoulder, and open up your body to see all options available before receiving a pass.
  • Communication! Verbal and non-verbal are important to make sure you and your teammates are on the same page.
  • Speed of play. How fast can you play while still being in control? Make the opposition chase the ball!
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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