5 v 3, Transition Game

Set Up:

The two teams play 5 v 3 on the small field with eight supporting players on the outside. The support players are limited to one touch, but they are allowed to shoot from the outside. When the defenders win the ball, they must make at least one pass to an outside player before shooting.  Games are played to two goals with a time limit of five minutes, and the eight players in the 5 v 3 switch out after each game.

Coaching Points:

1.  Expanding the space – Attackers should use the entire width and depth of the field.

2.  Speed of play – Play in a one and two touch rhythm and force the defenders to chase the ball.

3.  Decision making -  Look for passing options BEFORE you receive. Anticipate play.


Progression 1 – The five attackers must make 5 passes before shooting on goal.

Progression 2 – The defending team must play the ball out to a support player before shooting.

Players Required: 

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