5 v 5 Plus One, Three Zones

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Set Up:

The teams of five play 4 v 4 plus one in the central zone, with two neutrals on each end line. Each team also has a player inside of the defensive third. Attacking teams dribble or pass out of the central zone to send one attacker to goal. Play continues 1 v 1 to completion. The end line neutrals are limited to one touch. When the defending team wins the ball in the defensive third, they must work it back out into the central zone. Games are played to two goals and after each game, the losing team rotates off and the neutrals come in.

Coaching Points:

1.  Look to create 2 v 1 combinations in the central zone (overlaps, takeovers, etc.).

2.  When the defender turns his head to watch the pass in, make a blind side run to goal.

3.  When shooting a ball set back towards you, just make solid contact. Don’t overpower it.


Progression 1 – Add a defender in each defending zone, send two attackers in to try and finish 2 v 2.

Players Required: 

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