Catch a Rabbit

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Catch a rabbit is a fun game that will also force players to work on reacting, agility, and a quick first step. This drill requires an even amount of players. Try to pair up players based on speed so that they challenge each other. Set up a series of discs as shown in the diagram. The two lines of cones down the middle should be about 2 yards apart. Players will line up across from each other on their respective lines in the middle. One side can be designated by color or simply a number. The coach will call out the color (or number) and player associated with that number (or color) will try to run to the line of cones on their side before getting touched by the player they are matched up against. You can assign points for player touching their partner before they reach the cones. Once they reach the cones then quickly count down to the next repetition forcing the players to jog back to the starting position.

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