Climb the Mountain Soccer Passing Drill

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Can your players climb the mountain?  This soccer passing drill offers a great way to test the passing ability of your players.

Set Up

Place four lines of players as shown in the diagram with line #1 starting with the ball. The distance between the lines should depend on the ability level of the players. You can start with the lines closer together and as they become more advanced you can increase the distance.  The coach also needs to decide how far out the finish line should go.  The closer the finish line the more difficult it will be for the players to successfully "climb the mountain". When players are new to the drill give them a generous distance to get the feel of the drill.  As they get better then challenge them by increasing the distance between the lines and bringing the finish line closer to the starting position.

The Execution

The player in line #1 will start with the ball and the drill goes as follows:

  1. Player #1 passes to player #2
  2. Player #2 passes back to player #1
  3. Player #1 passes across to player #3
  4. Player #3 passes to player #2
  5. Player #2 passes across to player #4
  6. Player #4 passes to player #3
  7. Player #3 passes back to player #4
  8. This is the top of the mountain and now they have to go back down
  9. Player #4 passes across to player #2
  10. Player #2 passes to player #3
  11. Player #3 passes across to player #1
  12. Player #1 passes to player #2
  13. Player #1 passes back to player #1

Key Points

  • Encourage players to use a maximum of two touches on the ball and in many cases they can use one touch.
  • Good communication habits should be enforced.

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Goals Required: 
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Jameskasuk on 12/14/2018


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