Cross Fire Without Balls

Cross Fire Without Balls - Fun Soccer Drill for Kids
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This is a fun soccer drill kids will love! This video shows the drill being run with 9 kids but you can modify to fit the number of players on your team. There will be three groups of players. One group will be the players running through the middle trying not to get hit by soccer balls that are being passed into the middle by the players on the sides. At young ages the players shouldn't be able to pass the ball hard enough to hurt anyone, however, you can always instruct players to use the instep and keep the ball on the ground. Once a player is hit by a ball then they sit out until the next round. Once all the players in a group have been hit then the groups rotate so a new group will run through the middle and the group that just finished will line up along the side with soccer balls and try to hit the players running throught the middle.

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