Direct 2 vs. 2's

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  • Same game as before, but make 2 lines on each side of field and add a 2 yd goal to both ends.
  • All balls with one line who starts by passing to one of the opposing players. The first player from each line comes out and play 2v2. Both teams try and score on the opposing goal.
  • If a goal is scored, or ball goes out of bounds, the players return to their own line and the next ball is played in with 4 new players.
  • Get game moving fast! As soon as ball goes out, next players need to be ready to go!

Coaching Points

  • With 2v2, it is very important to still make the 1st defender commit to the person with the ball by dribbling. Doing this attracts attention of the other defender, and allows more space and time for the other attacker to be dangerous.
  • Communication and creativity. Your first thought shouldn’t be to pass! Can you shoot? Can you dribble yourself?
  • Introduce combinations to your players. If you pass to your teammate, can you move on the field in a way to make things unpredictable for the defenders?

A very similar drill that can be used as a precursor to this drill is the Direct 2 vs. 1 soccer drill.



Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


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