Endzone Combinations To Goal

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  • Play 7v6. Defending team plays a 1-3-3. Attacking team plays a 4-2.
  • Place a 15 yard endzone starting from the top of the penalty box.
  • Forwards play 3v2 in endzone. Rest of the players play 4v3 in field.
  • Attacking team has to connect with a forward before they can enter the endzone and go to goal.
  • Once ball is playing to a forward, anyone can cross endzone to go to goal.
  • If defending team gets the ball, they try and dribble into traget zones in corners of field.

Coaching Points:

  • Same as activity before.
  • Timing and creativity of runs is most important. Look to unbalance defenders to get space for yourself.
  • Midfielders need to support forwards after playing to them. Make movements off ball into space. Be aggressive!
  • Combinations. How can overlaps, third-person runs, and wall passes help break down the defenders?
  • Communication!


  • Remove endzone and play with no restrictions.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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