Hexa Possession Passing Drill

Hexa Possession Passing Drill
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Communication, accurate passing, movement without ball, and awareness are all important factors in this passing drill.  The set up requires 6 cones ore discs set up in a rectangular hexagon (see diagram) and a smaller box on the middle.  One side will have three players at each cone, three players will be in the middle, and one player at the middle cone on the far side (see diagram).  The players in the middle must stay with the boxed area.

The drill starts with player #1 passing to player #2 and then getting a pass right back from player #2.  Player #1 will then receive, turn, and make a pass right away to player #3 on the other side.  Player #3 will make a pass to the player within the box that checks to them and calls for the ball.  Once the player within the box receives the ball then they pass to one of the other players within the box.  Each player within the box must touch the ball before they pass it to the other side to player #4.  Players #2 & #3, after making their passes will sprint down to the cones on the opposite side to support player #4.  The drill will then operate the same way coming back the other direction.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

Coaching Points

Basic Passing Technique
First Touch: Receiving Ball with Outside of Foot
First Touch: Receiving Ball with Inside of Foot


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