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Set up this drill with four cones or discs in a square that is 15 - 20 yards wide on each side.  Place two players at each cone and give a ball to the first player at cone #1 and cone #3.  On the whistle the first player at cone #2 and #4 will make a run away from the cone to the outside and receive a pass  from the player in line #1 or #3.  The player should make a quick cut as they call for the ball.  Once they recieve the ball they they will control it and make the same type of pass to the next player at cone #1 or #3.  The drill continuously works its way around the square with two balls in play at the same time.  Communication, accurate passes, and good receiving techniques are the key points that should be stressed to the players.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: