Pressured Breakaway Conditioning

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This soccer drill is similar to the Pressured Breakaway Drill.  It works on the same fundamentals of staying under control and getting off a quick shot while under pressure.  This variation is continuous and adds a conditioning aspect to the drill.  Place the two nets about 80 yards apart.  Divide the players into two lines at the center of the field aligned just outside the goal posts.  Place some marker cones about 10 - 15 yards on each side of the center field line.  At the start of the drill place one player in the middle of the field aligned with the marker cones.  On the whistle the first blue player takes off with the ball for a shot on net while under pressure from the first red player.  After the shot the blue player turns and sprints back to apply pressure to the next red player that will start when the blue player crosses the marker cones.  Once the red player takes their shot, then they become the defender and sprint back to the other side to apply pressure to the next blue player who starts as the red player crosses the marker cones.  The drill continues back and forth.  It is a good idea to keep extra balls at the front of each line.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
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kkrotzer on 7/20/2018

good drill

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