Draw Soccer Drills Online For Free

Draw soccer / futbol drills and tactics online with our new drawing tool that is 100% free and easy to use. Draw your own diagrams and download them in .png or .pdf file format.

Basic Helpful Hints When Using The Free Drill Drawing Tool

  1. Choose a field layout from the icons at the top.
  2. Place your objects and players onto the field / pitch.
  3. Use the line tools to represent players running, dribbling, shooting, and passing.
  4. Before you start over or navigate away from the page be sure to DOWNLOAD YOUR DIAGRAM.
  5. If you need to start over click the refresh button on your browser or click the "Erase Drawing" button.
  6. Find soccer drills you like and then use this tool to help adjust them to your liking.

Adjust the Size of Nets and other Objects

Sometimes you will want to adjust the size of the objects on the field / pitch, especially the nets. To do this:

  1. Place the objects onto the field / pitch.
  2. Select the "+" or "-" button from the toolbar.
  3. Click the object you want to re-size.
  4. The object will increase or decrease in size depending on the tool you selected.

Tool that allows you to change the size of the objects on the free soccer drill drawing tool.

Change Colors of Objects and Lines

It is easy to change the color of any object or line using our free soccer drawing tool.

  1. Click the paintbrush tool so the color options appear.
  2. Select the desired color.
  3. Click the object or line to update the color to the selected color.

Paintbrush tool allows you to change the colors of objects and lines.

Rotating Objects

To rotate an object you can select the rotate tool and then click the object. Every time you click the object it will rotate 30 degrees clockwise.

Rotate tool allows you to rotate objects on the field / pitch.

Adding an Overlay / Highlight to an area

The overlay tool allows you to highlight a specific area on the field / pitch. To use the overlay tool:

  1. Select the oval or rectangle overlay tool from the toolbar (see image below).
  2. Draw the shape in the area of the rink you want to highlight.
  3. Change the color of the highlighted color using the paintbrush tool.

Overlay tool allows you to highlight areas of the field / pitch.

Undo / Redo Your Steps

Use the undo and redo buttons to undo previous actions without deleting or starting over.

Use the undo and redo buttons to help you use the soccer drill drawing tool.

Progressions and Sequences

Creating series of diagrams to show a progression or sequence can help keep the drawing cleaner and easier to read. To do this use the "download as png" and "download as pdf" buttons for each progression or sequence of a drill you want to save. If you wish to provide a description for each sequence then make sure you update the description field and use the "download pdf" button. Do not refresh the browser as this will remove the current drawing and you will need to start over.

Save your diagram as a png or pdf file to create a progression or sequence of soccer drills.

keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can help you create drills and diagrams even faster. Here are a list of keyboard shortcuts available for the free drill drawing tool:

m move
r rotate
+ increase size of object
- decrease size of object
d delete object or line
t place text
l draw a straight line
p change color of object (press p to scroll through colors)
o draw overlay (press o to toggle between oval and rectangle overlays)
z undo
y redo

We hope you enjoy this free soccer drill drawing tool! Our hope is that it makes it easier for coaches to create and share their own soccer drills with other coaches and players.