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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add Drills to my Soccer Practice?

There are two methods. Once you have created a practice then you will be able to easily add drills to any practice by visiting a soccer drill page and clicking the +add button. The other method is to start typing the name of the drill into the field on the practice form and selecting the drill as it pops up on the form. View detailed instructions >>

How Do I Share Soccer Drills with Other Coaches and Players

There are two ways to share the drills and practices you create on with your team. on this page we outline the quickest and easiest method which does not allow the recipient to login. The second method is slightly more complicated and requires you to create a team access account (included with your membership) where members of your team can login to view content you share with them. View detailed instructions >>

Do I need a membership to view the animated drills?

Most of the drills on our site do require a membership in order to view the animation and diagram. We have several membership options that will give you 100% access to all of the content and tools available on the site.  We also have a select group of animated soccer drills that can be viewed without a membership.  You can view free soccer drills when you are on the soccer drills search page by viewing the select drills at the top of the page.