The key to planning practices at the U6 level is to make sure the drills are fun and incorporate basic fundamentals of ball control and dribbling. While passing and shooting are also important fundamentals, players at the U6 level are not really ready for those concepts. U6 soccer drills tend to be very basic set ups and it is really what you teach within the setups that will make the drills exciting and fun for the kids. For example, if you are having the kids dribble a ball through discs or cones you can pretend that the discs are soccer ball eating sharks that will eat any soccer ball that touches them. Any drill that requires at least one pass is most likely not a good idea at this level. Therefore, keep the U6 soccer drills to dribbling and fun. Many coaches will plan practices so that the warm up and last drill are the two most fun activities at practice. This way the young players come to practice excited to get started because they know the first drill will be fun. They also leave practice with a good memory. Players lucky enough to play for coaches that design their practices like this will look forward to practice sessions and have a good chance of growing their passion for the game of soccer.