Four Goals

Set Up:

Four pairs of players line up beside their goals. 10-12 soccer balls are placed in the middle, and on the whistle the players runs into the center to retrieve balls and score them in their own net. After scoring, they can go back and get another ball. If the player misses the net they must go retrieve it and score it before going back to the middle to get another ball. A team wins the round by being the first to score four goals. The players may not try to steal soccer balls from each other during the game. Whoever touches the ball first gets to take it to goal.

Players Required: 


ChadStriker on 3/5/2021

A variation of this would be to have four corners with balls, two players per team where they try to get the most balls in their corner at the end of a time period. Balls can either be in the middle or start in each corner.

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