Four Goals

Four Goals - small area soccer game for kids

This is a great soccer game that young players will love. It does require four small nets and 10 - 12 soccer drills and 8 players. Set up the drill as shown in the diagram with the four nets creating a space that is about 30 yards apart.  Place all the soccer balls in the middle scattered around. If you have 8 players then use 10 - 12 soccer balls. This way it encourages players to go fast so they can score two times. The players should be divided up into four teams of two players each and each team will start with a hand on the net they will be scoring on.

On the whistle players will run to the middle to get a ball and dribble it back towards their net and score a goal. If the player misses the net they must go retrieve it and kick it in the net before going back to the middle to get another ball. If the player scores then they go right back to the middle to retrieve another ball and try to score a second time. A team wins the round by being the first to score four goals.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
10 - 12
Players Required: 


ChadStriker on 3/5/2021

A variation of this would be to have four corners with balls, two players per team where they try to get the most balls in their corner at the end of a time period. Balls can either be in the middle or start in each corner.

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