Small Sided Games and Activities

Small sided soccer games have been found to be massively beneficial for youth soccer coaches to implement into their practice curriculums for multiple reasons. The main benefits are that players get more touches on the ball, which keeps everyone involved and helps practice creative decision making.

What exactly are small-sided games? They are games that are set up in a much smaller space and have less players than a normal soccer game. The smaller setup allows everyone to be part of the game and coaches can guide players to learn particular skills or concepts through the game rules. Below we have a wide variety of 135+ small sided games that work on different fundamental skills and concepts. Youth soccer coaches should aim to use specific soccer drills that compliment the small sided games they use in practice. Watch your players instantly become more engaged at practice when these games are implemented! 

Benefits of small sided soccer games include:

  • They are FUN!
  • Players get more touches on the ball compared to regular games.
  • More players are involved in the outcome of the game. 
  • Players learn to make quicker decisions because the games are played in a smaller area.
  • The games encourage creativity.
  • The games can teach a variety of skills, concepts and tactics.
  • Games naturally bring out the competitive spirit in players.