At the coaches discretion, players are rewarded by being sent to the scoreboard. The game will continue as this is happening. 

The scoreboard in this game consists of two Boccia mats, one for each team. Players sent to the scoreboard throw a target to get as many points as they can. The particular Boccia mats I used show the players that the central target is worth 100 points, the outer target 50 and the far outer target 25, but you may need to stipulate the points system if you are using your own targets. 

As always, ensure to let players know you won't just praise goal scoring but positive behaviors as well. Rewarding such behaviors will likely motivate players to repeat them. Scoreboard Soccer is designed to help the holistic development of young people through praising and promoting characteristics such as team work, sportsmanship and respect. 


Players can choose to try and pass a football onto the target, if it finishes on the target it is worth double what is shown! 

Players Required: