Rondo 3 + 2 v 3 + 2

Area of 15 x 15

Equipment; Balls, cones, pinnies

Two teams of five players; 3v3 in grid plus two players for each team on the outside, one on each side. When a team has ball possession, they play 5v3. A point is scored after eight consecutive passes. A point is scored when the ball goes from one neutral player to the other neutral player without losing possession.

Coaching Points:

Attacking: Build Up

Transition: Attacking to Defending; Quick reaction after losing the ball

Defending: Pressure / Cover / Balance principles, 1v1 Defending, staying compact

Transition: Defending to Attacking: Explode and quick first pass in transition.


  • Passing and Receiving

  • Turning and Dribbling

  • Defending


  • Movement to keep ball possession

  • Defending: staying compact and moving with the ball.

  • Recognizing the moment of pressure.

Players Required: 


Thierry on 3/16/2024