Soccer Shooting Drills

This page lists over 90 soccer shooting drills for many age and ability levels. When selecting a shooting drill for your soccer team it is important to make sure you are selecting drills that are appropriate for the age and skill level of your team. At the young age levels it is critical to work on the fundamentals of kicking the ball properly with lots of repetition. Proper fundamentals will allow players much more success shooting the ball as they get older. In fact, at the younger age levels the emphasis should really be on ball skills, touches, and having fun and rarely include "shooting drills". As players get into the U12 and older age levels then shooting drills should become more common. Again, if these players have been taught the proper fundamentals then they will experience much more success when executing higher level shooting drills. You also need to consider shooting drills that will benefit your goalies at these older age levels. Goalies should also have a chance to work on their fundamentals so planning some drills that allow a proper warm up and focus on goalie skills is a great idea. These drills may have the shooters taking shots with no pressure and from specific angles. As practice progresses then start to work in some shooting drills in which the player is under pressure or has to release the shot within 2 touches. The soccer drills below consist of shooting drills for a wide range of age and skill levels.