Set Up:

A shooting line is set up in the center of the field, 25-30 yards from goal. A target player is stationed just outside of the 18. The shooter plays the ball up to the target, and the target player (Player 1) lays the ball off to the left or to the right for the shooter to finish. Shooters retrieve their ball and go back to the line. The target player rotates out every two minutes.

Coaching Points:

1.  The shooter needs to adjust his run to create a good shooting angle.

2.  Control the ball in one touch and shoot quickly.

3.  GKs should attack the ball when there is a bad pass or touch


1.  Add another shooting line. The target can lay off to either player. The player who does not shoot gets to finish a second ball, passed out from the end line.

Players Required: 


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Goalkeeper warm-up
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Goalkeeper warm-up