Soccer Passing Drills

Here are a great collection of soccer passing drills for all ages. Passing drills can typically be incorporated started at the U8 level but at these young age levels it is important to work on the fundamentals of passing. If players can develop good passing fundamentals then they will be able to execute more compicated drills as they get older. Introducing soccer drills with too many passes at the young age levels is not ideal because the drills will become chopy, can lead to frustration among players and coaches, and not allow the players to experience success within the drill. Therefore if you are working with younger age levels you should choose drills with no more than 1 pass. As players get older then incorporating drills with 2 or 3 passes is appropriate. As you get to the U14 and U16 age levels then the passing drills can include are lead to possession drills and games. The passing drills for these older age levels can also progress into small sided games that strictly work on possessing the ball. The concept of moving without the ball is also introduced at these older age groups and needs to be emphasized when incorporating posession tactics.