Two Touch Under Pressure

The Two Touch Under Pressure passing drill focuses on receiving the ball on one foot and making a pass with the other foot while facing token pressure.  Players will form four lines as shown with three players starting in the middle box that is marked with cones.  Start the drill with a middle player attacking the first player in line with the ball.  The player will pass the ball to the line on their left.  Once the ball is passed the next player in the middle will attack the player that is going to receive the ball.  The player that makes the pass then runs into the middle and when it is their turn they will attack a receiving player.  When players receive the ball they should make sure ther first touch is with the foot closest to the player making the pass.  With one touch they touch the ball to their other side and make a pass to the next line off their second touch.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


Jameskasuk on 12/14/2018


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