Soccer Practice Plans

U6 (6 and Under) Practice Plans

Dribbling Games - U6 Practice Plan

A fun practice session that works on teaching dribbling fundamentals with games.

Dribbling and Ball Familiarity - U6 Practice Plan

Dribbling activities that help players become familiar with the ball.

U6 Practice Plan - Ball Familiarity

Big touches vs little touches and using peripheral vision.

U6 Practice Plan - Deception

Using different body parts for deceiving opponents.

U6 Practice Plan - Turning

Using different surfaces of the foot to turn with the ball.

U6 Practice - Big Touches vs Little Touches

Getting familiar with when to use big touches and when to use small touches.

U6 Practice Plan - Races and Games with Ball Touches

All fun and games with each activity involving ball touches.

U6 Practice Session - 5 Fun Games

5 games for athletic movements, fun, and basic skills.

U6 Practice Session - Dribbling

An emphasis on dribbling and ball control.

U8 (8 and Under) Practice Plans

Turning - U8 Practice Plan

Practice session that focuses on turning fundamentals and exercises.

Spreading Out & Movement Off Ball - U8 Practice Plan

A practice session that works on movement away from the ball.

1 vs. 1 Dribbling - U8 Practice Plan

A practice session that focuses on using 1 vs. 1 dribbling.

Finishing - U8 Practice Plan

Activities that focus on shooting for accuracy and finishing.

Passing Fundamentals - U8 Practice Plan

Passing activities that discuss foot placement, body position and playing the ball to space.

Attacking Principles - U8 Practice Plan

Teach attacking principles by creating depth and width, mobility and quick shooting.

U8 Practice Session - Finishing and Shooting

When to shoot, placement vs. power, parts of the foot to use.

U8 Practice Session - Focus on Passing

The focus is on the proper fundamentals and technique for passing the ball.

U8 Practice Plan - Pressuring Defender

Work on how and when players should attack as defenders.

U8 Practice - Dribbling to Beat an Opponent

Small sided games and drills that work on deception with dribbling and ball control.

U8 Soccer Practice Plan - Emphasis on FUN

Games that require ball skills and creativity.

U8 Practice - Ball Control & Competition

Dribbling, ball control and 1 on 1 competition.

U8 Soccer Practice Plan

Fun warm up, ball control drills, and end with a game.

U10 (10 and Under) Practice Plans

Beating Players on the Dribble - U10 Practice Session

A U10 practice session that focuses on teaching players how to beat opposing players by dribbling.

1 vs 1 Duels - U10 Practice Session

A practice session with activities that focus on dribbling and battling 1 vs 1.

U10 Practice - Pressure and Cover Defending

A practice session that is focused on pressure and cover defending.

Passing - U10 Practice Session

Passing activities that focus on passing and moving to open space.

Attacking Space - U10 Practice Plan

A U10 Practice Session that focuses on attacking space with moves to go past a defender.

Wall Passes - U10 Practice Plan

Activities that teach wall pass concepts and when do use them.

Supporting Runs - U10 Practice Plan

A practice session that is focused on supporting runs and getting space away from defenders.

Individual Defending - U10 Practice Plan

Individual defending & pressuring the ball tips that work on angles, speed and length of steps.

Creating Space - U10 Practice Plan

Create space with movement off of the ball and moving the ball forward with a dribble, pass or shot.

Shooting - U10 Practice Plan

Shooting activities that give coaches the opportunity to discuss placement vs. power, speed and being creative.

U10 Practice Plan - Receiving and Opening Body to Field

Receiving passes, first touches, and playing away from the ball.

U10 Practice Plan - Introduction to Goalkeeping

Drills that give players an introduction to goalkeeping fundamentals.

U10 Practice Plan - Fun Competitive Drills / Games

The focus is on competitive drills and games that players will enjoy.

U10 Practice Plan - Creativity

Ball control warm up drills. Series of passing drills and a fun game that promotes creativity.

U12 (12 and Under) Practice Plans

Movement of Two Forwards in Attack - U12 Practice Plan

A practice session that focuses on movement and timing of forwards in an attack.

Goalkeeping – Dealing with the Breakaway

Goalkeeping session with activities to practice closing space, setting your feet and body posture.

Transition - U12 Practice Plan

Transition concepts that include pressure, movement off the ball and anticipation.

Shooting - U12 Practice Plan

Practice session that is focused on quick shooting, mobility and placement vs. power.

Transition and Combination Play - U12 Practice Plan

Transition activities that focus on getting pressure on the ball and getting wide and high to attack.

U12 Practice Plan - 2 vs 1's and 2 vs 2's

How and when to get defenders to commit before passing.

Deception - U12 Practice Plan

Dribbling techniques and how to beat opponents with deception.

U12 Practice Plan - Focus on Shooting

Great chance for players to work on different types of shots.

U12 Soccer Practice Plan - Ball Control and Passing

1 Hour Session, 3 ball control drills, 2 possession drills, and end with a possession game.

U14 (14 and Under) Practice Plans

Shooting & Finishing - U14 Practice Plan

Focus on creating shooting opportunities. When to shoot and power vs. placement.

Principles of Defending - U14 Practice Plan

U14+ Practice Session that is focused on defending principles and when to pressure and the ball.

Dribbling to Beat an Opponent

Practice session to work on dribbling and deceptive moves to beat an opponent.

Defending Around Our Own Goal - U14 Practice Plan

This practice session is focused on concepts to defend our own goal.

U14 Practice Plan - Building Out of the Back

Shape of the backline, when and how to move forward and back.

U14 Practice Session - Attacking from Wide Areas

How and when to use space on the outside vs. middle of field.

U14 Practice Plan - Focus on Possession

A series of drills and games with an emphasis on passing and possession.

U14 Practice Plan #2 - Passing & Finishing

This practice includes a lot of finishing and competition drills.

U14 Soccer Practice Plan - Passing & Possession

Passing warm up drills that work into possession activities and games.

U16 (16 and Under) Practice Plans

U16 Practice Plan - Finishing and Shooting

A series of shooting, finishing, and attacking drills.

U16 Practice Plan - Possession and Passing Drills

A session plan focusing on a series of possession and passing drills.

U16 Soccer Practice Plan - Shooting Under Pressure

Shooting warm up drill followed by shooting drills in different situations. Ends with shootout!

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Below is a list of free soccer practice plans for all age levels. These training sessions consist of drills, exercises, activities, and videos that can also be found on our soccer drills page.  The drills have been carefully selected and organized to meet the age and skill level of the practice session. With a membership to Soccer Drive you can create and share your own practice plans.