Practice Date: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

This practice is a good one for the U8 age level. It focuses on ball control and 1 on 1 competition drills. The outline for the practice is as follows:

  • Coach Calls - 5 minutes
  • Attack the Cones - 10 minutes
  • Traffic Jam - 10 minutes
  • In the Ring 1 vs 1 - 15 minutes
  • Who can get the ball first? - 15 minutes

Coach Calls

Coach Calls - Soccer Warm Up Drill

This is a great warm up drill for young soccer players. It is very simple but it gets the player's minds, gets the blood flowing, and allows them some touches with the ball. Set up a circle as shown in the diagram using discs or cones. The number of discs depends on how many players you have and you may have to set up two stations if you have enough players. As you notice in the diagram the number of discs should be greater than the number of players so there are always a few open discs. On the whistle the coach will yell out a command like any of the following:

  • 2 left - players dribble two discs to the left
  • 1 right - players dribble one disc to the right
  • Center - players dribble to the center disc and back
  • 1 left, 2 right - players dribble to the disc on their left, then 2 discs to their right

Attack the cone Dribbling Skills

Attack the cone dribbling skills

The emphasis of this soccer drill is on dribbling. Set up five cones as shown in the diagram to form a 15 x 15 yard square with one cone in the middle. There is a player at each cone with a ball (except the cone in the middle). In the first sequence, the players dribble the ball up to the cone and retreat back to their original position. The goal is to maintain possession of the ball the entire time.  Each time players should push themselves to go a little bit faster.  In this first sequence all four players can go at the same time. In the second sequence only the two players opposite of each other go at the same time.  This time they do a move on the cone and keep going to the opposite cone.  Players need to keep their heads up and read the other player to avoid collisions.

My Drill Notes: 

Have the players work on basic ball handling skills like pull-backs, using the in-step, and possibly the outer foot. Make sure to work on skills appropriate for your age level.

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam Youth Soccer Drill

To set up this soccer drill set up a square using cones that is anywhere from 10 - 15 yards wide.  Depending on the age and the number of players you can use 12 or 16 players.  Each player will need a ball.  Players line up on the edge of the square as shown in the diagram.  On the whistle all the players dribble the ball to the opposite side of the square, perform some sort of move to change direction (you can instruct them to do particular moves or leave it up to them), and dribble back to their original position.  Make sure players are keeping the ball under control the entire time with their heads up.

In the Ring 1 vs 1

In the Ring 1 vs 1 - U10 Soccer Drill

This is a 1 vs 1 soccer drill that forces player to battle it out in a tight space.  Great for U10 and older age levels.

1v1 is set up in the center circle. Coach stands at the edge of the circle with one player on each side of him/her. Coach throws the ball into the circle and each player runs in to try to take possession of the ball. The player that gains possession must kick the back back to coach to win the drill. If the ball leaves the circle the round is over and next players go in.

Who can get the ball first

Who can get the ball first 1 vs.1 soccer drill

For this soccer drill speed and dribbling is the focus. The coach will stand off to the side and pass the ball to the middle of all the cones set up. Two players from opposite sides will race and try to get the ball first. Once the ball is retrieved the players without the ball will play defense and try to get the ball from the other player before they are able to reach the designated goals. Players who are faster might be able to get away without having to defend the ball!