Smedley's 5 Favorite Small Sided Games

5 Favorite Small Sided Soccer Games

Small-sided games create a fast-paced and intense environment where players are forced to think quickly and make split-second decisions. Whether working on improving their attacking strategies or defensive tactics, small-sided games provide a fun and engaging platform for soccer players to improve their skills and decision making. In this blog post I share five of my favorite small-sided games that you can implement into your practices.

5 v 4 into 2 v 2

This fast-paced game focuses on quick transitions and sharp attacks. Players must master the timing of their runs and perfect the 2 v 1 to come out on top.

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5 v 5 Knock Off Game

Creative play is key in this game as attackers work to maintain a one and two touch rhythm. With all players needing to stay engaged at all times, success is awarded to those who can change direction and think outside the box.

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4 v 2 into 2 v 1 Game

Attackers take the chance to hone their dribbling skills and challenge defenders, while defenders are tested on their hustle and smart play. The game aims to help attackers develop the ability to pull defenders apart and create scoring opportunities

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Penalty Area Rondo

Quick organization and reaction time is crucial for the four defenders as they work to win the ball back immediately after losing possession. All players must stay focused and engaged in the game to succeed.

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3 v 2 Both Ways

Attackers gain confidence and work on their dribbling skills, while coaches have the opportunity to teach a variety of important topics. The game helps attackers perfect their final passes and send players to goal with precision.

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I hope you enjoy these small sided games and that you are able to add fun wrinkles to them to make them your own. Running sessions with small-sided games can create an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork in a fun and engaging way. You can create your own drill with our Free Drill Drawing Tool

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