5 v 5 Knock Off Game

Set Up:

During play, the attacking team (in red in the diagram) can score points by knocking the balls off of the cones with the ball. When they do, a player on the defending team (in blue) must set the ball back up on the cone. After winning the ball, the defending team can score by passing the ball to either goalkeeper. The keepers must stay inside of their small zones during play. Games are played to five points, and the teams switch roles after each game.

Coaching Points:

1.  Speed of Play – Get the ball off of your foot and play one and two touch soccer.

2.  Decision Making – Look for passes against the flow of play. Reverse direction on the defense.

3.  Concentration – Stay involved in the play as the ball moves away from you. Don’t switch off.


Progression 1 –  Add another goal and goalkeeper on the inside of the field.

Players Required: 

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