Footwork, distribution, dealing with shot(s)

Equipment; balls and cones

Three cones in the center of the goal for agility / footwork. Trainer on penalty spot with ball. One goalkeeper with a ball on the left and on the right from the trainer. The activity starts with a pass to the goalkeeper (1). The goalkeeper asks for the ball (clear communication), passes the ball back and quickly goes through the three cones for agility (2). The trainer passes the ball to the goalkeeper (3). After dealing with the pass/shot, the goalkeeper deals with the shot from the next goalkeeper. (4)


Variation of action 1: Pass back with left foot, right foot, or receive with one foot and pass back with other foot.

Variation of action 2: Trainer passes the ball over the ground, next to the goalkeeper or through the air.

Variation of action 3: Pass ball in short corner, far corner or either one.

Replace cones with hurdles to jump over.

Focus Points:

  • Proper technical execution of passing and receiving and distribution.

  • Proper execution of dynamic and agility movements.

  • Proper execution of dealing with a shot, falling and diving.

  • Positioning and movement in the goal.

Players Required: 


MCityfan on 8/13/2023

Good skills training.