U16 Soccer Drills

U16 soccer drills tend to be quite a but more complex than players have experienced in previous years.  It is still important to pay attention to fundamentals of passing, ball control, shooting, and receiving but in the heart of the practice players should expect a bit more team play concepts and drills that require more players.  Drills that emphasize ball possession and tactical play will become increasingly important.  Well designed small sided games can be a great tool to help players with their decision making and how they think the game.  The compete level should also be an area of emphasis for U16 soccer players.  Therefore coaches should have a good set of competition drills and set aside time to work these into practice on a consistent basis.  To get a good idea of a U16 practice view our free U16 Soccer Practice Plan.  This plan incorporates a good use of technical shooting drills, competition drills, and small sided games.