Eight players (can be adapted)

Seven hoops 

Eight balls

Pitch size depends on age and ability

Field is split into three playing zones with an additional safety zone at the start. 

The players are 4v4 during the game with the four attackers starting from the white saftety zone. Each attacker starts with a ball and tries to dribble past the defenders in order to place a ball inside any of the hoops on the sidelines. The point value goes up as the players progress down the field and into a different zone:

Hoop in blue zone = 1 point

Hoop in grey zone  = 2 points

Hoop in green zone = 3 points

Red hoop on the end line = 5 points

After a time period has finished or all of the eight balls have been used, the coach adds up their score.  The teams then switch, and the new attacking team tries to beat their opponent's score. Defenders can move anywhere on the field and try to kick the balls out. When an attacker has his ball kicked out or has placed a ball in a hoop, he runs back to the safety zone to get another ball (if there is one). If there are no balls left, that player is free to receive passes from teammates until all eight balls have been used. 

Coaching Points:

1.   Look to force defenders into errors, such as two defenders marking the same attacker.

2.   Fake runs down the field and cut sharply across towards a hoop on the sideline.

3.   Players without a ball can fake runs to one ball, and then support a different ball. 

Players Required: 

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