Set Up:

Different colored gates - blue, red, and yellow - are set up 30 yards from goal. A small goal is placed about 15 yards from goal as an obstacle. To begin the drill, a defender runs from the end line to the gates. At the same time, the attacker dribbles up to the gates. The defender then chooses a gate to run thru. When he does, the attacker must dribble thru the SAME colored gate on his side before going to goal. From there, the two players go 1v1 to goal, with the attacker finishing versus a GK. 


  • The attacker must go through a gate that is a different color from the defender's gate.

  • Add an extra defender in the penalty area, remove to the small goal, attack 1 v 2.

Coaching Points:

  • Close control of the dribble

  • Shielding the ball

  • Dealing with the GK

Players Required: 


tazhiaa on 3/24/2024

identifying the gate