Space Invaders

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  • In a 20x20 yard grid with several 3 yard Space Ships (Bases).
  • Select 2 players to be it (The Blasters).
  • The blasters have the ball in their hands and are guarding the bases.
  • The rest of the players dribble their ball and are trying to land on the bases to be safe. Have them count the number of bases they can get to.
  • The Blasters use the ball to tag the other players (touch them with the ball, not throw the ball at them)
  • The Blasters are trying to see how many players they can tag in the time allowed.
  • Switch blasters each round, and encourage everyone to beat their previous scores!

Coaching Points:

  • Look for moments to fly to a new base. Don’t take too long, or your score will be lower!
  • Big touches vs. little touches. Encourage players to take shorter touches when in tight spaces or getting to a base, and longer touches if they have space in front of them and need to build of speed fast.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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