4v2 Rondo with four small goals

Area of 12 x 12 with four small goals, one on each side.

Equipment; Balls, cones, pinnies, four small goals.

Four players try to keep ball possession. Two defenders try to win the ball. When they win the ball, they try to score as quickly as possible into one of the four small goals. The four attackers can try to win the ball back and resume possession play. Defenders switch with two attackers after they score.

Coaching Points:

Attacking: Build Up

Transition: Attacking to Defending; Quick reaction after losing the ball

Defending: Pressure / Cover principles, 1v1 Defending

Transition: Defending to Attacking: Explode and quick first pass in transition. Do something good with the ball. In this case try to score as quickly as possible. 


  • Passing and Receiving

  • Turning and Dribbling

  • Shooting, Scoring

  • Defending


  • Movement to keep ball possession.

  • Recognizing the moment of pressure.


Andy U10 on 4/15/2024

Rondo 4x2

tazhiaa on 3/24/2024

4v2 rondo with 4 small goals