Getting Started with

1. Search for Soccer Drills

There are over 300 animated soccer drills on so our tools are designed to help you find drills that are appropriate for the age level and concept you are looking for. On our soccer drills page you will see the list of categories and age levels listed along the left hand side. Clicking these links will help you filter down into the types of drills you are looking for. Have a look at the video for a quick demonstration on how easy and effective it is to search our database of soccer drills.

2. Add Soccer Drills to Drill Lists

Our drill lists are tools that allow members to save drills into their own lists. This makes it easy to find drills that you like or that work well for your team. Drills can be added and removed from lists with the click of a button and the lists can be accesses easily from your member dashboard. Using your drill list tools will enable you to save the content you want to use for building practice plans and sharing content with your team. This video shows you how easy it is to organize content with your drill lists.

3. Create and Save a Practice

The ability to build practice plans is another valuable tool available to our members. Drills and Tactics are easily added to any practice plan. When viewing a drill or a tactic each practice plan that has been saved will be listed with an "add" button. The simple click of this button will add the drill or tactic to the corresponding practice plan. For a short demonstration please watch this video.

4. Share Practice Plans, Drills, and Tactics with your Team

Every member on has the ability to set up a team access account. When you set up this account you can give the username and password to members of your team like assistant coaches and players. When someone logs in to your team access account they will be able to view the practice plans, drills, and tactics that you hae shared with them.

Sharing content with your team is easy. After you have set up a team access account you will see a "Share with Team" button when viewing content. Clicking this button will instantly share the content with your team access account so that any member of your team can view it.

The purpose of this feature is to help you and your team be more prepared for upcoming practice sessions. The communication will be improved because players and coaches will be able to view the diagrams, animations, and practice plans before each session.