U8 soccer drills should focus on fundamentals of the indiviual player.  Ball skills should be the primary focus when it comes to fundamentals. Not much time , if any, shoujld be set aside for team concepts.  Drills in which each player has their own ball and have to complete one task will be the most beneficial.  Small sided games of 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 are great for this age level.  From a coaching standpoint it is important to be encouraging of your players because kids at this age feed off of approval, especially from adults.  One of the goals for this age level is to nurture their love for the game.  The players should be excited for practice and have fun with their teammates on the field. Click the button below to download 3 free practice plans for U8 which incorporate many of the U8 drills listed below.

Download 3 Free U8 Soccer Practice Plans