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  • Make a 10x16yd field, with a 2yd endzone on each end.
  • Teams are in two lines on each field
  • Balls start with the defending team, who passes to the first attacking player and play 1v1.
  • Goal is scored by dribbling into the endzone on the side you’re attacking
  • If the attacker gets into trouble, and has their back to the defender, they can pass back to the next person in their line. The defender stays and it’s 1v1 again with the new attacker.
  • After a goal is scored, or the ball goes out of bounds, a new ball is played in and players return to their own lines.
  • Play for 2 minutes, and then switch lines. Keep score.

Coaching Points:

  • Use body to “sell” a dribbling move to get defender off-balance
  • Increase speed after performing dribbling move around defender
  • First touch after getting around defender should be in front of them, to delay their lane of chase and make it harder for the defender to tackle you
  • Be creative!


Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


tmmurphy3@yahoo.com on 2/27/2021


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