Fill the Bucket

Fill the Bucket - Soccer Relay Race for Young Players

This is a fun soccer relay race that young players will enjoy. This game is great for U6, U8, and even U10 age level players. Your players will love it and they also are forced to use ball control skills in order to succeed in this game. To set up the relay race you will need to divide you team into teams of three players each. Each team will need 6 balls, three balls are placed at each end of their playing area as shown in the diagram. The goal of the game is to get all six balls into the bucket area (defined by the four discs). The players will dribble the ball into the bucket and use the bottom of their foot to stop the ball and then run to the other side. Once they tag the player on the other side then that player will dribble the ball into the bucket, use the sole of their foot to stop the ball, and continue to the other side to tag the next player. The first team to get all six balls into the bucket wins the race. 

After the race then you can leave the balls in the bucket and proceed to the "Empty the Bucket" race.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
6 per team
Players Required: 
3 per team

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