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Set Up:

The two teams line up on opposite end line. One team defends a large goal with a GK, while the other defends a small goal with no GK. The defending team starts with all of the balls. The game begins by with the defender passing the ball across to the opposing attacker, and following the pass onto the field. play continues 1v1 to completion. Play is over when the ball goes out of bounds. Upon completion, the attacker and defender go back to the end of their same line, and next ball gets played in. If the attackers are scoring too quickly from long range, add a rule that attackers can only score when past the halfway line of grid. Play for two minutes and have teams keep score. Switch the balls over and play for another two minutes, but continue with the current score.

Coaching Points:

1.  The defender needs to close the distance while the ball is still rolling.

2.  Angle the run and force the attacker away from the goal and/or onto their weaker foot.

3.  Do not to dive into a challenge. Keep your body between the ball and the goal and force a mistake.  


1.  Progress to 2v2.  

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: