Four Square Dribbling Series - Soccer Dribbling Drill

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Here is a set up in which you can run your team or group of players through a series of soccer drills focused on dribbling. This is a good setup and because you can keep players moving with less time in line and, in addition to the dribbling skills, they have to make a pass and receive a pass in earch repetition.  To set up the drill place four discs about 20 yards apart with a line of at least two players at each disc. Players that are kity corner from each other will start with the soccer ball. On the whistle the two players at opposite corners will dribble in the same direction and do the dribbling skill that the coach has instructed. At the end of the skill they will pass the ball to the first player in the next line and they will then do the same thing in the same direction towards the next line. There should be two players active at all time. As a coach you can extend the series to as many dribbling skills as you like.  Here are four good ones to get you going.


This one is a simple dribbling drill where the players weave in and out of the discs. Good variations include:

  • right foot - inside foot only
  • left foot - inside foot only
  • right foot - outside foot only
  • left foot - outside foot only
  • right and left foot - inside foot only
  • right and left foot - outside foot only


To set up this skill place three sets of two discs as shown in the diagram. Players will run full speed controlling the ball and then tap the soccer ball through the gates, alternating directions through each gate. You can also add good variations to this skill with:

  • tap ball to outside of body using outside of the foot
  • tap ball across body using inside of the foot

Pull Backs

This one might be better for younger players and works on the basic concept of pulling the ball backwards using the bottom of the foot. Players that are more skilled can work on the quickness in which they change directions.

Figure Eights

For this skill the players do a simple figure eight through the cones. This one also gives players an opportunity to work on several varaitions:

  • right foot - outside foot only
  • left foot - outside foot only
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