In the video above, 10 Year MLS Veteran Bobby Burling demonstrates 5 dribbling exercises that will help sharpen up your footwork. These are great to practice on your own, or they can be practiced with a full team. They are excellent for warming up before a practice.


Place 2 cones or lines that players can turn at. Coaches can increase the distance between the cones for extra conditioning. The 5 dribbling exercises in the video are:

  1. Inside & Outside Touches: use the inside and outside of your foot get as many touches on the ball as possible. Use one leg down and the other leg back.
  2. Inside & Outside Touches With Both Feet: use both of your feet to get inside and outside touches.
  3. Lateral Roll: use the sole of your foot to roll the ball laterally.
  4. Forward & Backward Roll: roll the ball forward and backward by touching and rolling the ball with your toes.
  5. Freestyle! Incorporate the inside & outside touches with the rolling techniques to create a freestyle. Have fun with it!

Coaching Points:

  • Good body position: keep head & chest up, good athletic position with knees bent.

The Dribbling Skills Series can by combined with the Turning Skills Series to help players also practice different turning skills during their dribbling exercises. 

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