Turning Skills Series

The Turning Skills Series is a collection of 4 Turning Exercises that can be practiced on your own or with a large team. 10 Year MLS Veteran Bobby Burling demonstrates the series in the video above.


Place 2 cones or lines that players can turn at. Coaches can increase the distance between the cones for extra conditioning. The 4 turning exercises in the video are:

  1. The Pull Back: pull the ball with the sole of the foot. Get low and protect the ball!
  2. The Chop: use the outside of your foot to chop the ball and push it away.
  3. The Cryuff: drag the ball with the inside of the foot and use the outside of your foot to touch the ball away.
  4. The Hook And Pull: use the sole of your foot to "hook" the ball and then pull the ball back out of trouble.

Coaching Points:

  • Good body position: keep head & chest up, good athletic position with knees bent.

This video can be combined with the Dribbling Skills Series to practice different footwork in between each turning area.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


KCherecwich on 2/2/2022

Practice 3

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